The Genetics Training Grant at Brandeis University is an integral part of a highly successful graduate training program embracing the Departments of Biology and Biochemistry.

The Genetics Training Grant provides a cornerstone of support for the training of graduate students at Brandeis University in genetic and molecular biological areas of research.

The exceptional quality of the Brandeis Genetics Training Grant Faculty and the relatively small size of the student body has created an unusually close-knit community in which most faculty know most students, and vice versa. This sense of community provides a supportive environment in which graduate students flourish. Our graduates have been successful in winning an impressive level of postdoctoral fellowship support and subsequently in securing faculty positions at excellent universities and research centers.

Our mission is not only to train students to be excellent researchers, with a heightened ability to evaluate critically their own research, but also to be skilled communicators, both orally and in written work. To this end we provide training in the critical evaluation of the research literature as well as frequent review of student research progress.

We maintain several exciting lecture series that bring our students into contact with faculty from other institutions doing cutting-edge research we ensure that our students have the opportunity to meet with these internationally recognized scientists and to discuss their work.

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