Graduate Program in Biochemistry and Biophysics

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Applications are currently being accepted for the 2018-2019 academic year.

PhD application deadline is
December 1, 2017

M.S. program's rolling admission deadline is May 1, 2018

Research Facilities

Brandeis University operates several specialized research facilities in the Life Sciences. The electron microscopy facility houses four electron microscopes, three of which are equipped for low-dose, high-resolution cryo-microscopy. In particular, 200 and 300-kV field emission electron cryo-microscopes were installed in 2010 and 2005, respectively. In addition, there are two film scanners for digitizing electron micrographs, a computer-farm for processing images, cold stages for the microscopes, fast-freezing apparatuses, and other ancillary equipment.

The new science building houses a modern mass spectrometry facility, including three mass spectrometers: a 9.4-T FTMS, a MALDI-TOF, and an ion trap MS. Interfaced to these is an HPLC system and a spotting robot for in-gel digests. Two x-ray diffraction facilities for protein crystallography and one small-molecule diffraction setup are also maintained in the Science Complex.

The Science Complex buildings house five nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers used for chemical analysis, structure determination, and macromolecular dynamics. A 400 MHz machine is used for small-molecule analysis. A 500 MHz machine is dedicated to protein structure and general biochemical applications. A second home-built 500 MHz machine is used primarily for technique development. A 600 MHz instrument is used for high-resolution structure determination and protein dynamics. Finally, a 800 MHz spectrometer was installed in late 2005. These spectrometers employ modern probes for 1H,13C, and 15N (triple resonance, field gradients, etc.); probes for special applications requiring 31P, 35Cl, and 205Tl are also in use on these machines.


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