Graduate Programs in the Life Sciences

Biochemistry & Biophysics
Molecular & Cell Biology

Biochemistry and Biophysics
Genetic Counseling
Molecular &Cell Biology

B.S./ M.S. program information is available:


All programs train students in areas that cross the boundaries of traditional scientific disciplines.  Each program has its own emphasis; prospective applicants can learn about the curriculum and research focus of a particular program by clicking on the appropriate link shown at right.

revAll three of the life sciences Ph.D. have certain basic features in common:

  • All programs emphasize training students to do research. The majority of classroom study is completed in the first two semesters after entry; dissertation research starts the summer after the first year.
  • Students may select as dissertation advisor any one of the more than 50 life sciences faculty members affiliated with five different academic departments.  The choice of one of the three programs does not restrict the choice of advisor.
  • All successful applicants to the Ph.D. programs in the life sciences are offered full tuition waivers, a stipend, and health insurance allowance. The stipend for the 2014-2015 academic year is $29,580 (for a 12-month period) and the health insurance allowance up to $2,700 for a total financial package of $32,280.
  • The deadline for the PhD applications is December 15th. Late applications may be considered, but first consideration will be given to applications received by the deadline. The life science Ph.D. programs begin reviewing applications in early January. 
  • Students in all three programs can participate in the Brandeis interdepartmental Graduate Program in Quantitative Biology to be trained in research fields that cross the traditional boundaries between life sciences and physical sciences.

Prospective applicants should consult the individual program descriptions for guidance on which program is most suitable for their needs and interests.  Students with interests in the physical sciences may also wish to read about the Brandeis Chemistry and  Physics Ph.D. programs.  General information about graduate study at Brandeis can be obtained from the  Graduate School of Arts and Sciences web site.

The departments and programs in the Life Sciences are a part of the Brandeis Division of Science.


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