The Molecular & Cell Biology Graduate Program

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Application Deadlines:

2019-2020 academic year

The deadline for Ph.D. applications is 12/1/18

The M.S. application deadline is rolling through 5/1/19

Master's Degree Program

MCB Masters Class of 2012

  • One-year program to prepare you for a future in MCB sciences.
  • Optional extension to complete a Masters thesis.

Program of Study

The program is designed to guide each student toward realizing her or his potential as an independent research biologist. Students are encouraged to become experts in the theory and practice of their chosen area of research, as well as to obtain breadth in other areas strongly represented in the program.

Research areas include genetics, molecular biology, developmental biology, cell biology, structural biology, immunology, and neurobiology.

Residence Requirement

The minimum residence requirement is one year.

Our FAQ's webpage has answers to additional questions you may have about the Master's of Science in Molecular & Cell Biology program.



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