uc.png Personnel Dr. Wolf

Dr. Nicolas Rohleder

Nicolas is the Co-PI of the Health Psychology lab at Brandeis.

E-mail: rohleder@brandeis.edu
Office: Brown 103
Phone: 781.736.3319

Research Group Members

Postdoctoral Fellows

Juliana Breines

Location: Brown 129
Email: jbreines@brandeis.edu

Juliana Breines is a postdoctoral fellow in the Health Psychology lab at Brandeis University. Juliana received her Ph.D. in Social-Personality Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley in December 2012. Her research examines social antecedents and motivational consequences of self-compassion and self-criticism. In her postdoctoral research she is examining the influence of self-compassion on endocrine and immune responses to acute psychosocial stress.

Ph.D. Candidates

Xuejie Chen

Location: Brown 25
Email: xjchen@brandeis.edu
Phone: 781-736-3437

Xuejie is interested in exploring the influence of psychological factors on health. Currently she is participating in a project on how the immune system responds and habituates to repeated acute social stress (TSST) and the difference of these pattern between age groups (young adult and old adult). She is also interested in the role of cognitive appraisal as the moderate/mediator factors between stress and health outcomes.

Danielle Gianferante

Location: Brown 25
Email: dgia@brandeis.edu
Phone: 781-736-3437

Danielle does research in the Health Psychology lab. She is primarily interested in the role that stress hormones have in immune system functioning, particularly as people age. She is also interested in cognitive processes, such as rumination, that can affect hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis activity.

Luke Hanlin

Location: Brown 322a
Email: lhanlin@brandeis.edu
Phone: 781-736-3280
(Image Credit: Lori DeSantis Photography)

Yuliya Kuras

Location: Brown 4
Email: ykuras@brandeis.edu
Phone: 781-736-3262

Yuliya is a Ph.D. student in the psychology department. She studies the connection between early life stress and adult physiological stress reactivity, as well as the link to adult mental and physical health outcomes and disease states. Her current research centers around the nervous, endocrine, and immune system response to acute stress in those with and without early life adversity. She hopes to better understand the mechanism behind stress-related early life epigenetic change, and to explore what factors lead some individuals to be resilient in the face of adversity.

Christine McInnis

Location: Schwartz B-2
Email: cmcinnis@brandeis.edu
Phone: 781-736-3322

Christine is a 3rd year neuroscience PhD student. She originally got her BS in Biology at Keene State College before moving to UMass Boston for two years working in behavioral neuroendocrinology. She is interested in how the immune system responds to stress, and particularly how excess body fat modulates the immune response to stress. She is also investigating how pro-inflammatory gene expression in white blood cells changes in response to repeated stress and what factors about an individual determine their responses.

Carrie Robertson

Location: Brown 15
Email: PAS@brandeis.edu
Phone: 781-736-3343

Carrie is currently enrolled in the Brain, Body, and Behavior doctoral program at Brandeis. Carrie is involved with research both in the Biological Health Psych Lab and the Sexual Aggression Lab.

Master's Degree Candidates

Karen Kaye

Location: Schwartz 002
Email: kayek@brandeis.edu
Phone: 781-736-3322
(Image Credit: Lori DeSantis Photography)

Karen is a masters student in the health psychology lab. She received her BS in neuroscience and psychology at Allegheny College before coming to Brandeis. She is interested in studying how stress hormones behave in response to acute psychological stress. She is also interested in determining how dispositional mindfulness impacts the immune system.

Alina Gusev

Location: Schwartz 002
Email: agusev@brandeis.edu
Phone: 781-736-3322
(Image Credit: Lori DeSantis Photography)

Lauren Speert

Location: Schwartz 002
Email: lspeert@brandeis.edu
Phone: 781-736-3322
(Image Credit: Lori DeSantis Photography)

Undergraduate Research Assistants
In no particular order
Jonah Price
Jessica Resnick
Margaret Much
Naomi Assaf
Ge Zhang
Zhan Dong Wu
Yuying Liu
Alexa Myers
Tony Tran
Ruthann Hewett
Jessica Resnick
Elan Wong
Jeffrey Zhu
Tommy Cheong
Bill Flynn
Hannah Caldwell
Michelle Kim
Andrew An
Tove Freeman
Dena Goldblatt
Brya Gross
Yuying Liu