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Research Group Members

Postdoctoral Fellows

Natalie Sabik

Dr. Sabik has assumed a faculty position at the University of Rhode Island. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

Stephanie Habersaat

Stephanie is a psychocriminologist, Ph.D. in Life Sciences. Her current research focuses on stress and health in police officers. She is especially interested in protective and risk factors such as coping strategies and social support, that can moderate/mediate the relationship between perceived stress, cortisol regulation and negative health ouctomes. Stephanie has moved back to Switzerland and we wish her the best of luck.

Ph.D. Candidates

Ashley Geiger

Location: Brown 322a
Email: ageiger@brandeis.edu
Phone: 781-736-3280

Ashley is mainly interested in the role of social relationships in the link between stress and health. She has recently looked at how daily social exchanges impact the relationship between body esteem and psychological and biological stress. She is also interested in subjective social status, or one's perceived position in a social hierarchy, particularly in the context of unemployment. Ashley will soon be working on comparing social support in athletes and non-athletes and the impact on stress responses.

William Goodman

Location: Brown 4
Email: wgoodman@brandeis.edu
Phone: 781-736-3262
(Image Credit: Lori DeSantis Photography)

William current research focuses on the effects of unemployment on depressive symptoms. He has recently examined how differing rates of participation in exercise and leisure activities (both social and solitary) influenced reported depressive symptom outcomes. Previous work focused on interrupting memory reconsolidation of recently reactivated traumatic memories, in patients with posttraumatic stress disorder through pharmacological interventions (beta antagonists). William’s interests cover depression, PTSD, the physiological stress response, and the common mediators and moderators of those concepts.

Sarah Lupis

Location: Brown 25
Email: slupis@brandeis.edu
Phone: 781-736-2437

Sarah's research examines links between emotion responses to stress and biological responses to stress. A certified facial coder, Sarah utilizes this assessment tool to study emotion in the context of stress. In the spring of 2015, Sarah will teach a class at Brandeis entitled "Pathways and Mechanisms Linking Emotions to Mental and Physical Health" as part of the University Prize Instructorship Award.

Master's Degree Candidates

Claire Elling

Location: Schwartz 002
Email: celling@brandeis.edu
(Image Credit: Lori DeSantis Photography)

Abby Johnsen

Location: Schwartz 002
Email: abbyjohnsen@brandeis.edu
(Image Credit: Lori DeSantis Photography)

Former Members

Jaime K Devine

Location: Schwartz B-2
Email: jknudsen@brandeis.edu
Phone: 781-736-3322

Jaime’s research focuses on diurnal cortisol fluctuations, specifically how the cortisol awakening response, sleep architecture and sleep behavior may be related to susceptibility to major depression. Jaime sucessfully defended her dissertation in the spring of 2015 and we wish her the best of luck.

Kenneth Pitts

Location: Brown 25
Email: kppitts@brandeis.edu
Phone: 781-736-2437

Ken is interested in how attitudes and behaviors influence an individual’s endocrine and immune adaptations to the challenges of competition. Specifically, he is applying techniques used in the Health Psychology Lab to analyze how trait competitiveness and aggression promote changes in gene transcription during stress that may impact testosterone and cortisol signaling. Disclaimer: any similarity between techniques used in the lab and Ken’s parenting practices with his son and daughter is strictly coincidental. Kenneth sucessfully defended his dissertation in the spring of 2015, and we wish him the best of luck at the Natick Soldier Research Center.

Megan Wing

Location: Schwartz 002
Email: mwing@brandeis.edu
Phone: 781-736-3322
(Image Credit: Lori DeSantis Photography)

Megan is interested in stress reactivity within individuals diagnosed with eating disorders.