Liz Hedstrom Biography


“... like most other CR authors, was born and majored in chemistry.  On a sunny day in May of 1980, her favorite professor at UVa, Tom Cromartie, suggested that she go to Brandeis and get a Ph.D. with Bob Abeles.  She went on to do postdoctoral work at UCSF, first with C.C. Wang studying protozoan parasites, and later with Bill Rutter, where she converted trypsin into chymotrypsin.  Now almost thirty years after that pivotal May day, she is back at Brandeis... Chemical Reviews 2009

Awards:   AAAS Fellow (2010), Louis Dembitz Brandeis Prize for Excellence in Teaching (2007), Beckman Young Investigator (1995), NSF Career Award (1995), Searle Scholar (1993)