1. Inhibitor Mediated Protein Degradation


A formidable toolkit exists for manipulating protein expression at the transcriptional level, but the methods for the post-translational modulation of proteins are few and of limited utility.  A small molecule that induces degradation of endogenous proteins would clearly be a tremendously useful tool for probing protein function and an exciting approach for chemotherapy.  The challenge is to develop technology that is biocompatible and widely applicable.  We have serendipitously discovered a moiety that when combined with a recognition element, induces degradation of the target protein.  We are now developing and characterizing this phenomenon.  We expect that this work will also yield important new insights into the pathways of protein quality control.  This work is funded by NIH RO1GM100921.

Featured Publications

Long, Marcus J. C., Gollapalli, Deviprasad R. and Hedstrom, Lizbeth.  Inhibitor Mediated Protein Degradation.  Chemistry & Biology 19, 629-37 (2012). Nature News & Views, abstract