Kadener Lab

Molecular Neurobiology and RNA Metabolism Laboratory

Our Lab

Sebastian Kadener

Principal Investigator

M.Sc., The University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ph.D., The University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina



Sinead Nguyen

Lab Manager

I am interested in studying circular RNA formation.


Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Ane Martin Anduaga

Postdoctoral Researcher

B.S., University of Barcelona, Spain
Ph.D., University of Leicester, UK

I am studying the circadian clock of Drosophila


Dr. Nargarjuna Reddy

Postdoctoral Researcher

Biogenesis and functions of circular RNAs


Ph.D. Students

Aishwarya Krishnamoorthy

Ph.D. Student

Studying the neuronal functions of circular RNA.


Ines Patop

Ph.D. Student

Studying the function of circRNAs in the brain


Neta Herman

Ph.D. Student

Studying transcription, chromatin and gene expresion in the brain.


Avigayel Hefter

Ph.D. Student

Studying the function of circRNAs


Michela Zaffagni

Ph.D. Student

I study circRNA Translation


Jenna Harris

Ph.D. Student



Nathan Brownstein

Ph.D. Student

I am studying post-transcriptional control of circadian clock genes.


Master Students

Gehad Gamal

Masters Student

I’m a Master’s student studying the expression of Ultradian Genes and their role in Canton-S flies.


Undergraduate Students

Janice Huang

Undergraduate Student

I’m an undergraduate in the Class of 2023 majoring in Chemical Biology at Brandeis. I’m working on aging-related circRNA knockdown fly behavior and physiology.


Ken Kirio

Undergraduate Student

I am analyzing the effect of circRNA on aging in Drosophila, majoring in biochemistry and neuroscience.



Research Associate:

·    Dr. Ashwal-Fluss, Reut. Topic: Circular RNAs in Drosophila (Computational; 10/2013-12/2017).

·    Dr. Bartok, Osnat. Topic: Molecular basis of circadian oscillators and circRNAs in Drosophila (10/2013-10/2017).

·    Dr. Weigl, Yuval. Topic: Crosstalk between metabolism and circadian rhythms in Drosophila (10/2011-10/2013).

·    Dr. Schyr Rachel. Topic: Development of the circadian clock in mouse embryonic stem cells (10/2012-10/2014).

·    Dr. Amir Eldar. Topic: Development and use of new RNA-seq methodology (7/2015-11/2015).


Computer Programers: 

·    Shlomo Shenzis. Topic: Circular RNAs in Drosophila (Computational; 9/2013-10/2015)

·    Moshe Samson. Topic: circadian rhythms and circRNAs in Drosophila (Computational; 9/2013-10/2015)

·    Ashwall, Oded. Topic: circadian rhythms and circRNAs in Drosophila (Computational; 9/2015-10/2016)

·    Osovsky, Shahar. Topic: circadian rhythms and circRNAs in Drosophila (Computational; 9/2015-10/016)


Post-Doctoral students: 

·    Dr. Hanan, Mor (HUJI). Topic: circRNAs in neurodegeneration (7/2017-12/2019)

·    Dr. Wuest, Stanislaus. Topic: Role of circRNAs in aging (1/2018-10/2019)

·    Dr. Meshesha, Mesfin. Topic: Neural function of circular RNAs (3/2015-8/2015).

·    Dr. Turm, Hagit. Topic: Drosophila models of neurodegeneration (10/2010-10/2012).

·    Dr. Shmilevich, Inna. Topic: Drosophila models of neurodegeneration (4/2011-6/2012).

·    Dr. Bartok, Osnat. Topic: Temperature adaptation and circadian rhythms in Drosophila  (10/2010-9/2013).

·    Dr. Ashwal-Fluss, Reut. Topic: Temperature control of splicing dynamics. Circular RNAs in Drosophila (6/2011-9/2013).

·    Dr. Lerner, Immanuel. Topic: Post transcriptional regulation of Clk in Drosophila (5/2010-10/2013).

·    Dr. Malka, Yuval. Topic: Post-transcriptional regulation of Clk in Drosophila (3/2012-8/2013).


PhD. Students:

·    Weiss, Ron. Topic: Study of the circadian neuronal network (11/2008-11/2014). 

·    Mezan, Shaul. Topic: Study of the circadian neuronal network (1/2011-10/2016).

·    Hanan, Mor. Topic: Drosophila and mammalian models of Parkinson’s disease Together with Prof. Hermona Soreq. (4/2010-7/2017).

·    Pamudurti, Nagarjuna. Topic: Biosynthesis and function of circRNAs (1/2015-7/2018). 


MSc. Students: 

·    Xinyu Nie. Topic: Translation of circRNAs (1/2019-7/2020).

·    Changelian, Armen (Brandeis). Topic: circRNAs in neurodegeneration (10/2018-5/2019).

·    Thalia Sass (Brandeis). Topic: circRNAs in Drosophila (10/2017-6/2018).

·    Aviezer, Inbar. Topic: circadian rhythms and circRNAs in Drosophila (2/2016-7/2017).

·    Volfson, Vicky. Topic: Role of the miRNA bantam in the generation of circadian rhythms (10/2011-10-2014). 

·    Afik, Shaked. (Computer Sciences). Topic: Molecular characterization of the circadian clock under temperature changes (Computational; 10/2012-7/2014).

·    Weissbein, Uri. Topic: Investigating miRNA stability in Drosophila melanogaster. (10/2010-4/2013).

·    Davidov, Shamira. Topic: miRNA regulation of circadian rhythms (4/2009-10/2011).

·    Bekenstein, Uriya. Topic: NBIA model of Neurodegeneration in Drosophila (10/2009-10/2011)



·    Andres Velez-Lopez (Brandeis). Responsibilities: single cell sequencing and set up of new software and equipment. (9/2017-7/2019)

·    Vinay Vikas (Brandeis). Responsibilities: Fly stocks and organization. (1/2019-4/2019).



·    Weinstok, Ada. (Biology). Topic: Drosophila model of FRDA (11/2008-8/2009).  

·    Weissbein, Uri. (Biology). Topic: miRNA regulation of circadian rhythms (1/2009-7/2010). 

·    Elul, Neta. (Physics and Biology). Topic: miRNA regulation of circadian rhythms (3/2009-12/2010).

·    Printz, Yoav. (Cognitive Sc. and Biology). Topic: Decision making in Drosophila. (7/2009-7/2011). 

·    Pelli, Uri. (Biology and Economics). Topic: Study of the circadian neuronal network. (2/2010-7/2011).

·    Ikan, Alon. (Biology). Topic: Study of the circadian neuronal network.  (2/2010-12/2010).

·    Vinokurov, Nomi. (Biology). Topic: Role of miRNAs in neurodegenerative disease models of drosophila. (3/2011-7/2013).

·    Brody, Yizthak. Topic: Post-transcriptional regulation of clk in drosophila (3/2012-9/2013).

·    Raz, Sahar. Topic: Development of the circadian clock in mouse embryonic stem cells (10/2013-8/2014). Together with Dr. Eran Meshorer.

·    Shkedy, Aya. Topic: Study of the circadian neuronal network (5/2013-8/2014).

·    Shenhav, Rom. Topic: Computational methods to assess post-transcriptional control (Computational; 8/2013-8/2014).

·     Arad, Doreen. Topic: Drosophila models of neurodegeneration (10/2013-8/2014). 

·    Shaked, Roi. Topic: Circadian clocks across evolution in Drosophila (10/2013-6/2014).

·    Spinrad, Amit. Topic: The genetic and epigenetics causes of behavioral variation (10/2013-8/2014).

·    Kuvent, Liran. Topic: Circular RNAs in Drosophila (Computational; 10/2013-3/2015).

·    Elkanovich, Tali. Topic: Role of Clk post-transcriptional control in the development of circadian neurons (6/2014-7/2016).

·    Apelblat, Daniela. Topic: Biosynthesis and function of circRNAs (3/2015-7/2016).

·    Odenheimer, Sara. Topic: circRNAs functions in the fly brain (11/2015-10/2016). 

·    Perez, Dana. Topic: Using Drosophila models to understand the molecular basis of Austism. Together with Dr. Sagiv Shifman. (6/2015-7/2017).

·    Biton, Ohad. Topic: circadian rhythms in Drosophila (2/2016-10/2017)

·    Oshima, Reika (Brandeis). Topic: circRNAs in Drosophila (3/2018-3/2019).

·    Brown, Lev (Brandeis). Topic: circRNAs in Drosophila (3/2018-3/2019).

·    Daniel Tal Wohl. Topic: biosynthesis of circRNAS (1/2019-5/2020).

·    Nathan Vollertsen. Topic: computational study of circRNAs (5/2019-5/2020).

·    Kim Jiyoon. Topic: circadian rhythms in Drosophila (1/2019-12/2019). 

·    Lee, Joanna. Topic: circRNAs in Drosophila (10/2017-12/2019).

·    Song, Max. Topic: accumulation of circRNAs with age (10/2017-5/2020).

·    Chacon, Maddie. Topic: circRNAs in Drosophila (3/2018-6/2021).

·    Ilana Blumen. Topic: circRNAs in Drosophila (2/2019-6/2021).

·    Kate Xie. Topic: circRNAs in Drosophila (2/2020-6/2021).