Welcome to the Lee Lab!

Our lab is focused on understanding how gene regulation at the stage of mRNA translation allows a cell to express the requisite set of proteins needed to undergo correct cell fate decisions, such as proliferation and differentiation. We utilize interdisciplinary approaches including molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, sequencing, and computational analyses to study this question at both the discovery and mechanism levels.

Interested in joining the lab?

+ Post-doctoral Researchers: Recent Ph.D. graduates with a strong record of publication and training in molecular and cell biology or biochemistry, please send a C.V. and contact information for 3 references to amysylee [at] brandeis [dot] edu.

+ Graduate students can join the lab through the Molecular & Cell Biology or Biochemistry & Biophysics graduate programs at Brandeis University. Email for information on rotation projects!

Benefits of joining a new lab!

+ Work directly with an enthusiastic mentor who is highly invested in your scientific training.
+ Access to exciting new preliminary data, and assistance with fellowship applications.
+ Join a tight-knit group team of scientists working on ambitous, creative projects!

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