Chemistry Department Colloquium, Brandeis University

Mon 11/27/17 4 pmGerstenzang 122
Chemistry Department Colloquium
Pengyu Hong (Brandeis University )
De novo Glycan Sequencing by Machine Learning from Tandem Mass Spectra
Glycosylation is a common modification by which a glycan (or oligosaccharide) is covalently attached to a target macromolecule (such as, proteins and lipids). This modification serves various important functions (such as, protein folding, protein stability, cell-cell/matrix/environment interaction, immunity, and so on) and is one of the essential factors in optimizing many glycoprotein-based drugs. Hence it is important to profile the changes of glycans under different conditions. Glycan structure analysis is a challenging and essential task in biological and biomedical research. We have developed an advanced algorithm, named GlucoDeNovo, for reconstructing glycans from tandem mass data. We proofed that this problem can be solved with polynomial complexity rather than NP in conventional thinking. GlycoDeNovo features a Machine Learning based IonClassifier, which can effectively rank the reconstructed topology candidates. Experimental results showed that IonClassifier is effective and essential.
Hosted by Li Deng

Tue 3/13/18
Chemistry Department Colloquium
Susan Marqusee (UC Berkeley )
Hosted by K. Schmidt-Rohr & T. Pochapsky

Mon 3/26/18
Chemistry Department Colloquium
Wenshe Liu (Texas A&M)
Hosted by I. Krauss & L. Hedstrom

Mon 4/9/18
Chemistry Department Colloquium
Mike Ward (NYU )
Hosted by Bruce Foxman

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