Upcoming Seminars / Seminars This Week

Fri 4/18/14
Biochemistry-Biophysics Friday Lunchtime Pizza Talks
No Meeting (Spring Break)

Fri 4/18/14 12:30 pmGerstenzang 123
Molecular and Cell Biology & Neuroscience Student Seminars
Vivekanand Vimal (DiZio Lab)
Cara Pina (Lovett Lab)

Mon 4/21/14
Molecular Genetics Journal Club
No Journal Club (Patriot's Day)

Tue 4/22/14
Physics Department Colloquium
No Colloquium (Spring Recess)

Wed 4/23/14 4 pmGerstenzang 121
Joint Biology/Neuroscience Colloquium (Brandeis Life Sciences Distinguished Lecture Series)
Bert Holldobler (Perlman Lab)
Multimodal Signals in Ant Communication
Hosted by Dan Perlman

Thu 4/24/14 12 noonRosenstiel 118
Psychology Department Brown Bag
Sujala Maharjan (Vision Lab)
Something Special about Space and Time
Lisa Payne (Vision Lab)
Attentional Control in a Dichotic Listening Task: Is Sensory Suppression a Preserved Mechanism in Older Adults?

Thu 4/24/14 4 pmAbelson 229
MRSEC Seminar
Baris Avsaroglu (Brandeis University)
Hosted by Seth Fraden

Fri 4/25/14 11 amGerstenzang 121
Biochemistry-Biophysics Friday Lunchtime Pizza Talks (Senior Honors and BS/MS Thesis Presentations)
Daniel Boyle (Lovett Lab)
Unraveling the mystery of bacterial RadA: Characterizing the activity of a putative repair helicase
Joseph Jacobowitz (Theobald Lab)
Implications of the five amino acid insertion in the Plasmodium falciparum lactate dehydrogenase specificity loop
Nate Shammay (Gelles Lab)
Fluorescently Labeled Lac repressor for Single-Molecule Analysis of Transcription Regulation Mechanisms
Padraig Murphy (Kern Lab)
Mechanistic characterization and Evolution of Adenylate Kinase
Mehraj Awal (Ringe Lab)
Identification of a pharmacological chaperone that stabilizes the retromer complex and reduces the amyloidogenic processing of the amyloid-precursor protein
Lily Ji (Chris Miller Lab)
Fluoride Ion Trapping in Bacteria Under Acidic Environment and Quaternary Structure of CLCF-Type Membrane Transporter
Hosted by Biochemistry UDRs

Fri 4/25/14 12:30 pmGerstenzang 123
Molecular and Cell Biology & Neuroscience Student Seminars
Travis Monnell (Petsko Lab)
only one speaker - 30 min talk

Fri 4/25/14 3 pmVolen 201
Cognitive Neuroscience Journal Club
Jonathan Jackson (Gutchess Lab)
Real-time fMRI links subjective experience with brain activity during focused attention
Ref: Garrison, K.A., et al (2013). NeuroImage, 81, 110-118.

Mon 4/28/14 12 noonRosenstiel 118
Molecular Genetics Journal Club (Professional Development Seminar)
Non-Academic Careers: Intellectual Property
Hosted by Genetics Training Grant

Mon 4/28/14 4 pmGerstenzang 121
Chemistry Department Colloquium
Nathaniel Rosi (University of Pittsburgh)
Peptide-Directed Synthesis and Assembly of Nanoparticles: Controlling Structure, Metrics, Composition, and Properties
Hosted by Casey Wade

Tue 4/29/14 11 amAbelson 307
String Theory Seminar
Bong Lian (Brandeis University)
Recent progress on period integrals
Hosted by Matthew Headrick

Tue 4/29/14 12:30 pmGerstenzang 121
Neurobiology Journal Club
Peter Bronk (Griffith Lab)
Dynamic Sensory Cues Shape Song Structure in Drosophila
Ref: Nature 507, March 13, 2014:233-237. Philip Coen, Jan Clemens, Andrew J. Weinstein, Diego A. Pacheco, Yi Deng, Mala Murthy.
Neil Ritter (Van Hooser Lab)
Functional Architecture of an Optic Flow-Responsive Area that Drives Horizontal Eye Movements in Zebrafish
Ref: Neuron 81 1344-1359. Fumi Kubo, Bastian Hablitzel, Marco Dal Maschio, Wolfgang Driever, Herwig Baier, and Aristides B. Arrenberg.

Tue 4/29/14 4 pmAbelson 131
Physics Department Colloquium
Michael J. Naughton (Boston College)
Nanoscale Coaxial Probes with Optical, Solar and Sensing Utility
We discuss a nanoscale coaxial architecture with potential utility in nanophotonics, photovoltaics, visual prosthetics, and biological, chemical and neuro sensing. As subwavelength optical waveguides, these nanostructures can be used in a range of nanoscale manipulations of light, including optical nanoscopy and lithography, high efficiency solar cells, high electrode-density retinal implants and discrete optical metamedia. A modification of the basic structure enables the fabrication of highly sensitive molecular sensors and high resolution optoelectronic neurostimulators/sensors (optrodes). We will report on aspects of these applications, including radial p-n junction "nanocoax" solar cells, and bio, electrochemical and neuro sensing.

Hosted by Seth Fraden

Thu 5/1/14 10 amAbelson 229
Senior Honors Thesis Defenses
Senior Honors Thesis Defenses (Sam Goldberg Gil Henkin)

Fri 5/2/14 11:15 amGerstenzang 121
Biochemistry-Biophysics Friday Lunchtime Pizza Talks
Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz (National Institutes of Health)

Wed 5/7/14 1 pmAbelson 229
Senior Honors Thesis Defenses
Senior Honors Thesis Defenses (Katie Weil, Michael Kosowsky, Kyle Van Gorkom, Daniel Stern, Skyler Kasko, Vincent Wong, Thomas Brackett)
Hosted by David Roberts

Thu 5/15/14 4 pmAbelson 229
MRSEC Seminar
Tony Dinsmore (Dept. of Physics, UMASS Amherst)
Hosted by Seth Fraden

Thu 5/22/14 4 pmAbelson 229
MRSEC Seminar
Yaouen Fily (Brandeis University)
Hosted by M. Hagan

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