Upcoming Seminars / Seminars This Week

Thu 05/19/22 11 amRosenstiel 118 and Virtual/Online
Thesis Seminar: Biochemistry and Biophysics PhD Program
Michael Sennett (Theobald lab)
Application and Evaluation of Sequence Reconstructions and Resurrections for Protein Evolution
Sponsored by: Biochemistry and Biophysics PhD Program

Thu 05/19/22 4 pmAbelson 229/Online
MRSEC Seminar
David Amabilino (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
Light Responsive Self-Assembled Gel Systems
A responsive supramolecular system comprising a bis-imidazolium gelator with a porphyrin and azobenzene photoswitch, both of which are anionic, self-assembles in mixtures of water and ethanol to give a gel which is responsive to light, where the porphyrin moves overmicrometer scale distances when irradiated.

The movement is instigated and characterized using total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy. The movement is shown to be a result of both photothermal effects and the trans-cis-trans switching of the azo molecule. In the absence of this switch, no motion occurs, but the system acts as a useful material for the generation of singlet oxygen. More recent results on the movement of molecules in these supramolecular systems will be included.

Wed 05/25/22 12 noonTBD
Special Seminar
Josh Dubnau (Stony Brook University)
Retrotransposons and Endogenous retroviruses as causal factors in ALS and FTD: Propagation of protein pathology through neural tissue by a viral mechanism
Hosted by Michael Marr

Thu 05/26/22 10 amVirtual/Online
Special Symposium (Climate and Math Conference)
Invited Speakers
For the Brandeis' Year of Climate Action, we are organizing a special one day virtual conference bringing together leading researchers in mathematical modeling related to climate change. The conference will cover techniques from mathematical modeling, data analysis and climate policy, and topics including impact of climate change on vegetation, animal populations, water/ice, carbon, and human health. We are excited to have a wonderful line up of speakers who will outline open problems and challenges for the future and the audience will have a chance to interact with them in the panel discussion concluding the conference!
Hosted by Thomas Fai, Denis Patterson (Princeton), Jonathan Touboul

Fri 05/27/22 10 amRosenstiel 118 and Virtual/Online
Thesis Seminar: Biochemistry and Biophysics PhD Program
Karina Herlambang (Gelles Lab)
Single-molecule studies of transcription elongation factor dynamics during RNA Polymerase II transcription
Sponsored by: Biochemistry and Biophysics PhD Program

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