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The Avance 800 is housed in the Landsman Research Facility near the entrance to campus. Parking permits can be obtained at the information booth located in the circular entrance to campus. ( Map of Brandeis campus)
The spectrometer is equipped with an AVANCE II console including 2nd generation digital receiver, 4 signal generation units (SGUs), 100 W proton amplifier, 3-500W broad band amplifiers, a 10 amp z-axis pulsed-field gradient amplifier, lock switch box to allow 2H-decoupling, digital lock and VT unit. There are two probes available: a room temperature 5 mm QXI probe (1H, 31P {13C, 15N}) and a 5 mm TCI cryoprobe. The instrument is ideally configured for multidimensional experiments on biological (protein, enzyme, RNA, DNA) samples, including the relatively new 13C-detect experiments.
The spectrometer is controlled by a PC running under CentOS 5. The current version of the NMR software is Topspin 3.1 pl7.
There is a small wet-lab area in the facility for sample manipulation and a small refrigerator for sample storage.