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Daniel Acker

Name: Daniel Acker

Position: PhD Candidate

Education: B.S. Cornell University, 2013; M.S. Brandeis University, 2014


Hometown: Stony Brook, NY

Personal Interests: My hobbies include sailing, reading, playing music, and throwing the frisbee with my dog Leo. I also like to stand on my hands.

Research Interests: I am interested in the therapeutic potential of molecular control of synapse formation. Pathological shifts in the balance between inhibition and excitation (EI) in the brain contribute to a variety of neurological diseases including epilepsy and autism spectrum disorders. My goal is rewire the synaptic connections in the disordered brain to restore a normal EI balance. Specifically, my project is focused on using the inhibitory synaptogenic protein Semaphorin 4D to treat seizures in epilepsy by shift promoting inhibitory connections between neurons.

If I weren't a scientist I'd be... a circus act.