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Paradis Lab
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Deborah Rothbard

Name: Deborah Rothbard

Position: Research Assistant


Hometown: Livingston, NJ

Personal Interests: Among the finer things in life, I really value a good cardio workout, engaging book, or even a cappuccino. Also, I've also been practicing yoga as of late; it's an inspiring way to begin or end the day. I've played the violin since grade school and when I'm not running, reading, coffee"ing," or pursing other escapades, I can be found intensely practicing. Recently, I've picked up the acoustic guitar and hopefully won't be making anyone's ears bleed in the near future. :)

If I weren't a scientist I'd be... hmmm ideally a concert violinist, but realistically, I'd probably look into doing humanitarian aid in global conflict/disaster zones.

Research Interests: I've always been fascinated with laboratory research and, at the age of 17, completed a solo research project in Dr. Ilya Raskin's lab at Rutgers University. I performed in vitro evaluations of plants used to treat malaria during the Civil War in hopes of finding a viable treatment against Plasmodium falciparum. However, after being accepted as an undergraduate student worker in Paradis lab, I can say that my research interests have altered and I plan to pursue a neuroscience/biology track. Currently, through the harvesting of hippocampus neurons, I'm doing my best to understand the nature of synapse development.