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Paradis Lab
Department of Biology
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Brandeis University
415 South St.
Waltham, MA 02454

Suzanne Paradis, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Biology
Brandeis University
415 South St.
Waltham MA 02454

(781)736-5305 (office)
(781)736-3176/3177 (lab)
(781)736-3107 (fax)

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Welcome to the Paradis Lab

Paradis Lab 2020
Paradis lab, c. 2019 (left to right): Katie Kimbrell, Sue Paradis, Rabia Anjum, Irene Wang, Jada George, Tess Kowalski, Susie Slepian

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Our Research

Research in the Paradis laboratory seeks to define the genes that instruct neurons to establish and modify their connectivity, with the overall goal of understanding how neural network dysfunction contributes to neurological disorders. We currently employ biochemistry, electrophysiology, molecular biology, genetic, and imaging approaches both in vitro and in vivo to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of synapse formation and circuit connectivity. We discovered that Sema4D, signaling through its high affinity receptor Plexin B1, regulates inhibitory synapse formation on a rapid time scale (i.e. minutes to hours) both in vitro and in vivo. Further, Sema4D administration suppresses seizure activity in mouse models of epilepsy (Acker et al., 2018). While we continue to investigate the mechanism of action of Sema4D in mediating GABAergic synapse formation, we are also investigating how we can harness the activity of Sema4D and other synaptogenic factors to drive inhibitory synapse formation in vivo as a potential therapeutic for neurological disorders such as epilepsy.

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