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Upcoming Seminars

Mon 12/10/18 12 noonGerstenzang 121
Neurobiology Journal Club
David Hampton (Marder Lab)
A balance of outward and linear inward ionic currents is required for generation of slow-wave oscillations
Roshan Nanu (Lisman/Katz/Jadhav Labs)
Volitional social interaction prevents drug addiction in rat models

Tue 12/11/18 11 amAbelson 307
String Theory Seminar

Tue 12/11/18 12:30 pmGerstenzang 121
M.R. Bauer Colloquium Series
Matthew Shapiro (Albany Medical College)
Learning to Remember: Bidirectional Communication Between the Hippocampus and Prefrontal Cortex
Hosted by Shantanu Jadhav

Tue 12/11/18 1 pmGoldsmith 300
Combinatorics Seminar
Melissa Shermann-Bennett (Harvard University)
Combinatorics of X-variables in finite type cluster algebras
Hosted by Prof. Olivier Bernardi and Duncan Levear

Tue 12/11/18 2 pmGoldsmith 317
Topology Seminar
Tamás Kálmán (Tokyo Institute of Technology )
Tight contact structures on Seifert surface complements and knot invariants
Hosted by Profs. Daniel Ruberman, Ruth Charney and Kyoshi Igusa

Tue 12/11/18 4 pmAbelson 131
Physics Department Colloquium
Gabriel Redner
Building Blocks of the Internet

Wed 12/12/18 1 pmVolen 201
Safety Training
Andy Finn
Lab Safety Training

Thu 12/13/18 11 amVolen 201
Computational Neuroscience Journal Club
Zuzanna Piwkowska (CNRS UNIC, France)
Cortical recruitment determines learning dynamics and strategy
Pizza will be served following the talk.
Hosted by Shantanu Jadhav

Thu 12/13/18 1 pmRosenstiel 118
Thesis Seminar
Graduate Program in Chemistry
Runhan Yu (Hedstrom Lab)
IMP dehydrogenase inhibition mechanisms

Fri 12/14/18 12 noonShapiro Campus Center, Multipurpose Room
Thesis Seminar
Graduate Program in Molecular and Cell Biology
Josiah Herzog (Paradis Lab)
TDP-43 misregulation suppresses dendritic branching via inhibiting CREB activation and gene expression

Fri 12/14/18 12:30 pmGerstenzang 123
Molecular and Cell Biology & Neuroscience Student Seminars

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