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Upcoming Seminars

Fri 10/20/17 11:30 amRosenstiel 118
Biochemistry-Biophysics Friday Lunchtime Pizza Talks
Bob Sauer (MIT)
Structure and Function of AAA+ Proteases
Hosted by Chris Miller

Fri 10/20/17 12:30 pmGerstenzang 123
Molecular and Cell Biology & Neuroscience Student Seminars
Joe Wachutka (Katz Lab)
Denise Hilton (Goode Lab)

Fri 10/20/17 3 pmVolen 201
Cognitive Neuroscience Journal Club
Wanbing Zhang (Gutchess Lab)
Timing Is Everything: Age Differences in the Cognitive Control Network Are Modulated by Time of Day

Mon 10/23/17 11 amVolen 201
Computational Neuroscience Journal Club
Ryan Young (Jadhav lab)
Dynamic information routing in complex networks

Mon 10/23/17 12 noonRosenstiel 118
Molecular Genetics Journal Club
ShiYu Wang (Rodal Lab)
Dynamics of in vivo ASC speck formation
Gonen Memisoglu (Haber Lab)
A synthetic biology approach to probing nucleosome symmetry

Mon 10/23/17 4 pmGerstenzang 121
Chemistry Department Colloquium
Masayuki Wasa (Boston College)
Enantioselective Transformation of Unreactive Molecules by Frustrated Acid/Base Catalysts
Hosted by Li Deng

Tue 10/24/17 12:30 pmGerstenzang 121
Joint Biology/Neuroscience Colloquium
Brooke McCartney (Carnegie Mellon University)
Adenomatous polyposis coli: Your Cellular Swiss Army Knife
Hosted by Bruce Goode

Tue 10/24/17 1 pmGoldsmith 300
Combinatorics Seminar
Duncan Levear (Brandeis University)
The representation theory of symmetric groups via Okounkov-Vershik (2/2)
Hosted by Prof. Olivier Bernardi and Yan Zhuang

Tue 10/24/17 2 pmGoldsmith 317
Topology Seminar
Bena Tshishiku (Harvard University)
The Nielsen realization problem for braid groups
Hosted by Prof. Ruth Charney

Tue 10/24/17 4 pmAbelson 131
Physics Department Colloquium
Stephon Alexander (Brown University)
The Jazz of Physics: The Link Between Music and The Structure of the Universe
Featuring Live Music with Bob Nieske of the Brandeis Jazz Ensemble
Hosted by Bjoern Penning

Wed 10/25/17 12 noonRosenstiel 118
Neurobiology Journal Club
Inna Nechipurenko (Sengupta)
Molecular Memory of Morphologies by Septins during Neuron Generation Allows Early Polarity Inheritance
Ref: Boubakar et al., Neuron 2017 Aug 16;95(4):834-851.


Daniel Powell (Marder Lab)
Dopamine neuron dependent behaviors mediated by glutamate cotransmission
Ref: Mingote et al. eLife 2017; 6:e27566

Series Schedules

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Bioch Biophys Fri Pizza Talks | MCB Neuro Fri Pizza Talks
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