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  • The 7th Annual SPROUT Awards Are Available
    Post written by Fern Shamis. The 7th Annual SPROUT Awards are back and want to help you bring your research and entrepreneurial ambitions to life! Have a great idea? Does your research have the ability to impact the world? Need funding support to make your innovation a reality? Consider applying for a SPROUT award. In […]
  • Neurons that make flies sleep
    Sleep is known to be regulated by both intrinsic (what time is it?) and environmental factors (is it hot today?). How exactly these factors are integrated at the cellular level is a hot topic for investigation, given the prevalence of sleep disorders. Researchers in the Rosbash and Griffith labs are pursuing the question in the […]
  • Sprout Award Winners Announced
    The recipients of the 6th annual Sprout Awards have been announced. There will be eight teams from labs in the Biology, Biochemistry, and Chemistry departments sharing the $100,000 in funding in FY 2017. The Sprout program’s grant pool was doubled this year in order to expand the support for the promising innovation and research that is […]
  • Four Brandeis Science Grads Receive 2016 NSF Graduate Fellowships
    A science education at Brandeis University can be a springboard to future science achievements. We would like to congratulate four of our science graduates who have received the prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships for 2016. Noam Saper Noam was an outstanding student graduating summa cum laude with highest honors in Chemistry in 2015. […]
  • Brandeis will host Gene Expression and RNA Seminar (GEARS) meeting this October
    Gene Expression and RNA Seminars (GEARS) club is a monthly event that includes scientific talks on the Gene Expression, RNA and Chromatin. Every month it is held at a different institute in the Boston area. Brandeis University will be hosting the October GEARS meeting on Thursday, October 30 in Rosenstiel 118 from 6:30 – 7.30 […]

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  • A 50-Year Personal Journey: Location, Gene Expression, and Circadian Rhythms.
    Related Articles A 50-Year Personal Journey: Location, Gene Expression, and Circadian Rhythms. Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol. 2017 Jun 09;: Authors: Rosbash M Abstract I worked almost exclusively on nucleic acids and gene expression from the age of 19 as an undergraduate until the age of 38 as an associate professor. Mentors featured prominently in […]