The Undergraduate Concentration in Biochemistry

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Requirements for the Undergraduate Concentration
Degree of Bachelor of Science

Preliminary courses to be taken prior to the senior year:

  • CHEM 11a,b, and 18a,b OR 15a,b and 19a,b
  • CHEM 25a,b and 29a,b
  • BIOL 14a
  • BIOL 15b and 18b
  • PHYS 11a,b or 15a,b and PHYS 19a,b

Plus the Biochemistry track courses:

  • Introductory Biochemistry (BCHM 100a)
  • Thermodynamics and Statistical Thermodynamics (CHEM 141a or BCHM 104a)
  • Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules (BCHM 104b)
  • One year of Advanced Biochemistry (BCHM 101a and BCHM 103b)
  • One elective consisting of a biochemistry-related 100-level course (excluding research courses) from any science department approved in advance by the Biochemistry Department Advising Head. Instructions on how to receive approval can be found here.

Required of all students: No course offered for major requirements may be taken pass/fail. Courses with grades below C- cannot be used to fulfill the requirements for the major.

The advanced courses required for the Biochemistry major are demanding and require a strong background in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. Biochemistry majors are typically students with excellent performance in the introductory courses in these subjects.

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