The Undergraduate Concentration in Biology
Funding Opportunities through Brandeis for Undergraduate Research

The following list contains some sources of support from which students can receive funds to carry out research at Brandeis during the summer or academic year.

  1. Apply for scholarship and fellowship opportunities via Brandeis' Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs (UAA): More information is available on the UAA's Scholarships and Fellowships webpage. Specific links for Brandeis' life science research funding include:

  2. Pfizer Fellowship for Summer Research. Pfizer occasionally provides fellowships for undergraduate summer research. Do not apply directly to Pfizer. Applications must be made through the Brandeis Biology Dept. Contact the Biology Dept. during the Spring semester to inquire whether Pfizer Fellowships are available this year.

  3. Ask your research faculty sponsor whether s/he has funds available to pay you. This applies to research during the academic year and/or during the summer, except when research is being counted as course credit.
More information on undergraduate research funding is available on the Science at Brandeis blog.

Funding Opportunities for Summer Research at Other Institutions

Students can conduct research at other institutions during the summer, and some of these institutions may provide fellowship support.

For example, some schools are "REU Sites" (REU is research experiences for undergraduates, and these programs are funded by NSF). NSF has a directory of REU sites on the Search for an REU Site webpage. Students should go this link and then apply directly to the REU Site, not to NSF.

Several universities and colleges throughout the country have undergraduate science education programs that are funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and that provide fellowship support for summer research. In the local area, Harvard, MIT, and Wellesley have HHMI-funded summer research programs. Institutions currently funded by HHMI are listed on the Summaries of Undergraduate Programs webpage.

Summer research at NIH:

  1. NIH Summer Internship Program (SIP)
  2. NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program for underrepresented minority students or students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Summer research at selected sites funded by the US Dept. of Energy, Office of Science

Funding Opportunities for Summer Research at Biotechnology Companies

Some biotechnology companies in the Boston area (e. g. Biogen) have in the past provided stipends or salaries for undergraduate students to work with them during the summer. Interested students need to contact the biotechnology companies directly and inquire about opportunities for summer research.

UNCF-MERCK Undergraduate Science Research Scholarship Award for African American students

Biological Discovery in Woods Hole Summer Opportunity for Undergraduate Research


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