The Undergraduate Program in Life Sciences

posterBrandeis offers an undergraduate concentration in three areas:

Biochemistry (more info)
The Brandeis biochemistry major is designed to equip students with a rigorous understanding of the chemical and molecular events underlying all biological processes. Particular emphasis is placed on basic principles and observations in biochemistry and molecular biology, as well as biophysical chemistry. The biochemistry major provides an excellent foundation for careers in medicine, biotechnology, or research in all branches of the biological sciences.

Biology (more info)
The exhilarating pace of discovery in the life sciences demands new approaches that cut across traditional disciplines. The interactive and stimulating environment of Brandeis University fosters thinking “outside the box,” where various scientific approaches merge to investigate the fundamental processes of life.

Neuroscience (more info)
The undergraduate major in neuroscience is designed to provide an inter–disciplinary program of study of the neural mechanisms involved in human and animal behavior. Understanding the brain is one of the greatest challenges of modern science and requires methodologies ranging from the psychological analysis of behavior to the molecular biology of neurons, including construction of mathematical models. Students are encouraged to take courses in the psychology of behavior, cellular and systems neuroscience, molecular neurobiology, and computational neuroscience and to combine this breadth with a strong foundation in basic science.

The Biochemistry and Biology departments and the Neuroscience program are a part of the Brandeis Division of Science.

Undergraduate Research

Brandeis boasts an internationally recognized Life Science faculty who invite undergraduate students to carry out innovative research in their labs. Over the past several years, the number of peer-reviewed scientific articles that have been published by the Brandeis faculty that include one or more undergraduate authors has grown to almost 40 publications each year.


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