The Neuroscience Undergraduate Program

Students entering the Neuroscience Program at Brandeis have opportunities to work in a range of fields, from cognitive neuroscience to the structure and function of ion channels. Brandeis University is an exciting place for Neuroscience research and study because we have an outstanding and highly interactive research community. The Neuroscience laboratories are housed within the Volen Center and adjoining buildings, and this close proximity facilitates the high degree of collaboration and exchange for which Brandeis has become famous. There are presently 26 Neuroscience faculty found in four participating departments (Biology, Biochemistry, Psychology, and Chemistry).

paul garrityThe undergraduate concentration in neuroscience is designed to provide an interdisciplinary program of study of the neural mechanisms involved in the control of human or animal behavior. The concentration combines a strong foundation in basic science with more specialized courses in biology and psychology. This program is especially appropriate for students wishing to pursue further study in medicine, experimental psychology, or neuroscience.

Neuroscience UDRs

The UDR (Undergraduate Departmental Representative) program has been created to foster communication between Brandeis undergraduates and faculty. The Neuroscience UDRs have created a facebook page and a website.

Additional Information

The Brandeis University Bulletin will provide you with more information regarding how to become an undergraduate concentrator and the courses of instruction.

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