The Neuroscience Undergraduate Program

Declaring a Neuroscience Major

Please follow the steps listed below to declare a Neuroscience major:

  1. Download and complete the Neuroscience checklist. This will help you decide which classes you want to take as a Neuroscience major. Use this checklist in step 2.

  2. Using your Brandeis ID and password to login, complete the online Neuroscience Major Worksheet. In order to do this you will need your Sage ID number (20******); the Neuroscience checklist completed in step 1; and the list of classes in the University Bulletin.

  3. After completing the worksheet, please contact the Undergraduate Advising Head to schedule a meeting with him. The Neuroscience UAH is Stephen Van Hooser (contact information).


415 South Street, Waltham, MA 02453 (781) 736-2000