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Primarily a research facility, the Volen Center is located on the Brandeis campus and connected to a larger complex of science buildings. The Volen Center is home to an interdisciplinary groups of neuroscientists and the entire Computer Science department. Other neuroscience faculty are housed in adjacent buildings.

History of the Volen Center

Designed by Cannon Architects, construction began in September 1992 continuing until May 1994 when all researchers and staff moved into the newly completed Volen National Center for Complex Systems.

Major donors to the construction of the Volen Center include: George and Ida Bursak, Rabbi Benjamin Kreitman (Gloria and Sidney Danzinger Foundation), Majorie and Charles Housen, Honey Kugler, Nancy Lurie Marks, Dr. Neil and Madelyn Messinger, Paula Michtom, Joseph Schwartz, Dr. Kay Stein and Dr. Harold Stein, Majorie Stonehill, Majorie and Alan Tichnor, Lewis Weinstein, Kent Lawrence (M.R. Bauer Foundation), Benjamin and Mae Volen, the Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, W.M. Keck Foundation, Raytheon, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Building Overview

The Center's two lower floors are reserved for offices and lab space for the Computer Science department, a Experimental Psychologist (Robert Sekuler) and a Biologist (Paul Miller).

FacilityThe upper two floors are wet lab space for biochemists (Dorothee Kern, Dan Oprian and Chris Miller), biologists (John Lisman and Eve Marder), and Experimental Psychologist (Art Wingfield).

The Volen Center includes two classrooms on the first floor which are used primarily for undergraduate instruction. The new Vertica Computer Science Lounge, located directly off the lobby, is a computer lab and lounge for computer science majors and those students taking computer science courses.

The Volen Center office, which is home to the Neuroscience program, is located in Volen 206. The Computer Science office is located across the hall in Volen 261. Mailboxes for the Linguistics and Computational Linguistics program are also located in Volen 261.